How does it work?

Parkeerapp for iPhone, Android and Windows

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Parking With Whoosh

Whoosh is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile parking application, using GPS locations to automatically identify where you are parked. There is no need to enter a location code unless you have the location services turned off on your phone. This intuitive process of using a "virtual wheel" on the touch screen makes paying for parking a breeze! 

Not only can you pay on the application but you can also pay on the website at The site is particularly well suited for Whooshers who enjoy paying from their desks. 

How does it confirm my parking stay?

All Whoosh payments are electronically transmitted to parking enforcement staff.  Payments can be viewed in your account history as well.

Parking Expiration Alerts:

As a reminder of the approaching end time of your parking stay, the Whoosh service can send an alert directly to your phone.

Extend your parking stay!

One of many benefits of Whoosh is the possibility to extend time remotely. Simply select Extension and add the desired parking time to your stay.


Managing Your Account:

When managing your secure Whoosh account, it's nice to know that changes are just a few clicks away. You have the ability to change vehicle information, bank card information, and privacy notification settings. Additionally, you can view your parking history on both and Whoosh through the Android and iPhone App.  Your parking history can assist with submitting expense reports or to help you make a dispute about a wrongly issued parking fine.